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We have easy to use IgM / IgG antibody tests for home use- these will show if someone has been exposed to Covid-19 and developed immunity. The test takes 15 minutes to do and involves a drop of blood from a finger prick.
Please make sure you talk to one of doctors via telemedicine appointment first. This way we can explain how the test works and what the results mean. We can also make sure that the test is done appropriately and answer any additional questions. Unfortunately this test is a home test and not yet covered by insurance. The 50$ fee covers our cost of the test. The Telemedicine visit will be billed to your insurance and should be covered at 100%.
If you do not live in the local Port Charlotte area we will have to charge an additional shipping fee.

Covid-19 home antibody test now available for purchase

  • Please make sure to talk to one of our doctors prior to purchasing the home test so that we can explain what the results mean and who will benefit from the test. Click "make an appointment"  on the home page or simply call us at 941-380-1070

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